Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day 10: When Splurging Feels Good

I love to get my hair done. I don't tan or get manicures or pedicures, but decided long ago that if I had to get my hair done, I would go someplace beautiful. I figured the odds were good that the people there could make my hair beautiful. And they do, but what I've loved most is the shampooing and massaging. Oh my. There was no going back. No more wetting down with a squirt bottle for me. And more recently, I've upgraded from cut to cut and color, thanks to a few white hairs sprouting right in front. I get twice as much time in the quiet of the salon and I even get to read. It's like a two for one deal every eight weeks.

So today was my day. When Brian got home from work I headed to my appointment via Taco Inn because I was suddenly starving. I said yes to a free Dr. Pepper and settled in for my pampering. Bliss.

reading material

Total spent: 1.25 - burrito
Fun money total: 17.50


  1. You read at the salon! That's a great idea. I hate feeling like I have to make small talk with my stylist because it's sort of loud with all the blow dryers and my voice doesn't carry. You're right, the message and washing of the hair part is the best.

  2. My voice doesn't carry either, Taumi! It's so frustrating. :)

  3. I made the same decision about going someplace beautiful when I moved to Ohio. And with two kids in the mix now to farm out for my appointment, the investment in me has be so worth it. I try to make it a little date for myself. Glad to know I'm not the only one who craves the hair washing. Glad to know minimal can include highlights. And I always read at the salon too. I intend to read my book, but the stack of magazines in the waiting area often win me over. :)

    Cheers to you for this inspiring month you are sharing with us. Love!

  4. The magazines have trumped my books too! And you should know, you are the reason this blog is not overrun by exclamation points. : )