Sunday, July 15, 2012

Days 14 & 15: The Goal

Yesterday's Totals:

Total spent: 0.00
Fun money total: 0.51

To celebrate our fifteenth day and making it halfway, we're revealing our goal for the savings we're setting aside. Since the kids were tiny, I've said I'd like to take them to Disney. Not when they needed naps and would flunk half the height charts, but during the magic years. When Christmas is extra twinkly and birthdays make you delirious. I had experienced the close of this window when I returned to the Peter Pan ride after several years' absence. I could remember riding through the dark and peering down to the city far below. As we chugged along the track I thought, "The lights are, like, right there." 

So, we figured the perfect age to experience Disney would be seven, which seemed a long way off. Surely, we would have money freed up by not diapering two behinds. It occurred to me this summer that the children are six. And as I've been telling the kids, six plus one is seven. Strangely, the budget's not so much looser and while diapers are a thing of the past, we're saving for tuition, a thing of our future. When we were trying to decide what we could do with the money from this month, I tried to think of something the kids could get excited about and want to work towards, even sacrifice for. Disney it is. 

So we are planning a trip for next summer, which means we'll probably have time to do another No Spend month in February. It'll be huge to make this happen, unmarred by the guilt of not being able to afford it. I can't wait to watch them take the magic in at full-sparkle. 

Total spent: 20.25 - groceries
Fun money total: -10.26


  1. Seven does sound like the perfect age...I'm sure they will love it and I'm sure the 2 of you will enjoy it all the more if you are not worried about the cost. =)

  2. I agree. Seven is the perfect age. We are planning to take our kids for Spring Break because it's right between their birthdays. I'm hoping for that same sparkle to be there also.