Monday, July 16, 2012

Day 16: Stay Calm

We're running behind a bit. I say 'a bit' because I'm trying to calm myself. After all, it may not be the beginning of the end. So I bought our week's bread, which we would've put off except we'd miss the Monday two-for-one deal. Our van'll be looked at Thursday and once it's running, we'll actually get to use the gas we put in it. Meanwhile, I'm thankful for our second car. 

Remember how I borrowed the first book of the Hunger Games trilogy? A sweet friend from miles away was able to lend me the sequels, thanks to the geniuses behind e-readers. I have no kindle or nook, but my Iphone has a free kindle app and it's lovely to carry one less thing. 

I confess I've been absorbed in the Hunger Games trilogy, which feels adolescent. Not the choice of reading, although that certainly qualifies, but reading it in snippets throughout the day and deep into the night, as if I didn't have kids to get up for in the morning and could afford to be reckless with my bedtime. But sometimes, I think that's just fine. Perfect maybe. I've been thinking about this ever since I read Courtney Carver's blog, How to Reclaim the Lost Art of Lingering. Self-discipline is an essential skill, but maybe we underestimate the good done by allowing ourselves to get carried away once in a while.  

Total spent: 4.36 - bread
Fun money total: -4.62

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  1. Take a breath! There are 15 days left in the month. We got behind, but caught up. You can do it too.