Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day 17: Stressed

I'm still stressing. It's not as much about the No Spend month as it is that I've had a few too many punches to roll with lately.  Flexibility seems to be a theme in the challenges I face. I'm a little uptight, opinionated, and particular. I have plans for the next year, five years, and at least a few dreams that take me all the way into eternity. I love plans of attack that everyone is clear on. On the bright side, I'm not the kid who falls apart when her sandwich is cut wrong. I'm just saying, that should count for something.  

I hate big surprises. Even if they're supposed to make me happy, I get nervous about not liking it and disappointing the surpriser. But when the surprise is being outside my comfort zone or having someone new in mine, I'm a guaranteed mess. Then I do the thing where I hold it together until the coast is clear, then rave like a lunatic or slump into a bump that makes grunting sounds when disturbed. Brian's the one lucky enough to witness this and after years of practice, he's well-nigh a Kendra Whisperer. Which is why I told him the other day, "Everybody else ticks me off, but I like you!" 

I like him because he's my ally. When life is madness, he understands me better than anyone I can find in the hubbub. He understands me enough to know that while big surprises freak me out, little surprises lift me up, like the one I found in the kitchen this evening. 

Total spent: 1.25 - burrito
Fun money total: 4.13

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  1. You so remind me of me. I also hate surprises and have a fabulous husband. I've been enjoying your blog while sitting n the car waiting for Dax to wake up.