Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day 18: Irresponsible?

Who sings that song..."call me irresponsible?" Is that Frank Sinatra? Ah yes, well I didn't realize it but little by little, I spent more than I intended today.

To start off, I've been writing our address on envelopes for a while, but have some labels saved on Shutterfly that are SO cute. They 
lured me in with freebies once and I've been 
resisting temptation to reorder ever since. 
Until today. Not only where they two sets for 
the price of one ($10), but I had a $10 off 
coupon. So worth the wait...we'll be return 
addressing in style and paying only 3.20 for 
tax and shipping. Bazinga! 

Frank blames his madness on his lover and I may play that card. After all, who could say no to this? 

It was date night and I had a coupon for three ounces of frozen yogurt free for completing the library's adult reading program. We splurged to get Brian a cup, since I didn't want to share a measly three ounces. After we finished our treats we meandered around the Haymarket and felt like lucky duckies to live in a town with a spot as pretty as this.  

When Brian went to pick up our munchkins, he took advantage of a nearby grocer and got bananas, apricots, sprouts, and bagels, which all adds up but tomorrow will be better. 

"Rainbows, I'm inclined to pursue..." 

Total spent: 3.20 - address labels
                 4.02 - frozen yogurt
                 12.93 - groceries
Fun money total: -6.02

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