Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day 19: Snack Pockets

Someone suggested using free time during a No Spend month on projects you'd bought supplies for, but never finished. My obsession with finishing has kept these down to a minimum, but I did come up with a project that I didn't need to buy anything for. If you're a craft-o-phobe, come back tomorrow. To be perfectly honest, I am too sometimes.

In my efforts to adopt minimalism, my number of shoes dwindled until I had four empty spots in my over-the-door shoe organizer. Yea! I thought they were the perfect size to hold snacks like fruit leather, granola bars, etc. 

1  I cut the bottom row off my organizer and washed it. It's made out of the same paperish fabric as reusable shopping bags, so I didn't dry it. I already had adhesive velcro. The kitchen cabinet doors I wanted to hang these inside are narrow, so I cut the row in half, making two pockets for each door. Here are my supplies:

2   Flip the section over and decide where you'd like your velcro - I suggest more at the top         since the weight hangs from there, but a couple at the bottom to stabilize it. Place the fuzzy (not scratchy) velcro on the corners, so you can launder it without it sticking to clothes. 

3   Now place the scratchy side on top of the fuzzy ones (adhesive side up). Position on inside of cabinet door (being sure it hangs between shelves so your snacks won't get smashed) and push down. 
Total spent: 3.98 - gas
Fun money total: 0.00

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