Monday, July 23, 2012

Day 23: Little Sickie

And now, would Miss Crabby Pants please take her seat. That was quite enough of that.

Today began with a sick little girl. Cadence's head and stomach were aching and she was praying she wouldn't throw up. Mid-morning we stood in the bathroom, her hands holding her hot cheeks, "Mommy I prayed and Jesus said no! It's going to happen! I don't want to!!" She was distraught. 

"Honey, I'm here to help you and Jesus wouldn't have you throw up if it wasn't the best thing for you. Maybe you'll feel better after you throw up," I comforted. Her fears weren't realized, so we snuggled on the couch. I tried to have the kids I was babysitting play upstairs to avoid exposing them and let her rest. Sitting much of the morning had me looking around at my house, so glad I cleaned yesterday. There are still very dusty places, but from a distance, I couldn't see them and felt calm. That's why I love a picked up house. I don't mind being here for one, and sometimes, it gives the gift of peace. 

When nap time came the kids had gone home, my kids were sleeping and I was still in workout clothes with unbrushed teeth. I forced myself onto the elliptical. (Lord knows I need the endorphins.) Since that's the only place I pray without my mind wandering, I asked for rejuvenation. I remembered how I felt just days ago and wondered what it would take to get back there. This is a familiar prayer because, while I know it's normal to have down times and struggle, I don't like it one bit. Especially since I'm usually unsure how to right myself. If Brian's kind enough to ask what I need, I try not to bite his head off because that's the worst part - I don't know.   

But Jesus does. And I didn't know it, but while I was babying Cadence, I was forced to slow down too. To put it bluntly, Jesus was babying me. Her body was stressed, my mind was stressed and recently, I've learned that the treatment should be the same. But there's more. I was finishing my shower when a half-asleep sickie padded into the bathroom to take her temperature before sprawling on the couch. She stayed like this until almost five. 

When Chandler awoke, I let him listen to Storytime up in his room to keep the main floor quiet for Cadence. When I'm exhausted, there's nothing I crave more than quiet. And meals with lots of vegetables. Since I hadn't had lunch, I made a burrito with black and pinto beans, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, black olives and sprouts. So good. While I enjoyed it, I wondered at how taken care of I felt. Then I saw it all. The way my prayer was answered before I prayed it and how there's nothing like putting yourself in hands that know what makes you tick. 

Total spent: 4.95 - bread
                 5.00 - apricots
Fun money total: 4.09


  1. Poor girl! Hope she's feeling better. And thank you for this post. My soul definitely needed it.

  2. She was chipper this evening, so I think we're on the mend! You are so welcome. I'm really glad. : )