Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Day 24: Target Love

We went to Super Target today after quite a debate with myself about going there or Wal-mart. I believe Wal-mart has cheaper original prices, but I get 5% off everything at Target because I use my Target debit card. Wal-mart's farther away and let's face it, I've missed Target. I haven't been there in weeks and today, you'd think they were welcoming me back. 

There was a "special" cart available when we arrived (the kind where the kids sit separately and can't smash the bananas or toilet paper) and the kids asked if they could have a cookie from the bakery. Based on their behavior thus far, I announced that cookies would be a reward on the way out if they turned things around. This strategy proved successful, giving me relative quiet to follow my list and keep a running total on my phone calculator. I dug for coupons and when unsure if a coupon would be honored, I grabbed the cheaper option. 

At last, we swung by the bakery. While the kids got their cookies, I wished one of them still didn't like chocolate chip cookies and would pass it off. Then I spied chocolate cookie samples under a shiny dome. When I turned around to share with the kids, a smiling Starbucks barista was presenting a tray of Iced Vanilla latte and Cookie Crumble frappaccino samples. I took a latte and we all tasted the frap. Ahh...why did I ever stray?

At checkout, my expired Target coupon was honored, they didn't forget to give me credit for my reusable bags, didn't smash my bananas inside my reusable bags, and when Old Spice didn't want to honor a dollar off two products because I had the cheaper two-pack, the cheery checker overrode it for me. On my way out, I thought I saw a banner that read, "We've missed you too, Kendra Carlson." 

Below you see the bounty that is now mine. I remember days when I'd go to an all-purpose store and feel sad if I didn't get anything "fun." I can't tell you how excited I am to have cold cereal in the house and a back-up jar of peanut butter! While there were still items I skipped, I feel oober-blessed. So much so, it felt appropriate to give this photo a rosy hue in Photoshop. That's how we nerds roll. 

Total spent: 23.04 - SuperTarget
                 2.49 - gal of milk (Walgreens)
Fun money total: -11.44

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