Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day 26: In My Spare Time

My consumer's hiatus has hidden benefits. I've only had four Dr. Peppers this month and eightish is typical. Since soda's linked to low bone density, it was a good month from my bones' perspective. I aim to avoid any hunch-inducing diseases because I stand just over five feet tall and am naturally prone to osteoporosis.  

More interesting (maybe?) is what I've gotten around to in my free time. I've scrapped in both of my ultra-cool scrapbooks, using up paper I purchased in April. Yes, April. I read an entire trilogy. I did some mending and decorated a onsie for a new baby. I also let my kids paint the tops of my keys with nail polish so I can tell them apart at a glance. Now, what I just said sounded like a cool, laid-back kind of mom and I'd hate to mislead. I was involved...making sure every edge was covered. 

Things also advanced on the minimalist front. Since I haven't talked about it much, minimalism is having only what you use or love and nothing more. This applies to tangible things as well as time management and emotional clutter, with the idea that only twenty percent of what we have or do brings us joy and satisfaction. I did a major reduction of our stuff between February and May, but there are some tasks that remain because they're time-intensive. For example, I started keeping a journal in eighth grade and felt they were treasures. There are points of interest, in and around, "I went to Shopko today..." So, I've been in the process of reading through to find the keeper stories and typing them up. My all-time favorites are about meeting and falling in love with Brian. After they're on my computer, they take up no space and I email them to myself where they safely float around the internet. Thanks to our No Spend month, I am almost to my pregnancy. 

      (here's an excerpt from 1999) 
      When I left work I let myself be way ahead of him – lots of distance to cover, but he rose to 
      the occasion. He called out, asking if I wanted to see pictures of the cars he slid into. The 
      cutest excuse ever! We stood in the freezing cold looking at boring pictures! I’ve never been
      so happy. 

Total spent: 0.00 
Fun money total: 2.98


  1. Love the excerpt from your love story. Great idea for typing out the best stories from journals.

  2. Thanks! It's fun to read again and so much easier to do now. : )