Friday, July 27, 2012

Day 27: A Pretty Dish

At the end of every month, Goodwill has a wonderful tradition called .99 cent day. It applies to clothing and while they reserve the right to exclude "select items," nothing I've bought has ever been an exception. Today was one of these days and I thought back to others. When Brian became a principal and needed more than polos for work, I came home with ten dress shirts. Another time, his parents watched our kiddos during their nap so we could go together and get dress slacks. I will admit, these don't usually last as long as buying new, but they are so cheap, I have no problem throwing them away if they rip or my stain treatments fail. 

I considered not going this month. I hadn't written it on my calendar, but late Thursday night, I decided to take a quick look at fall and winter clothes for Cadence. Nothing else. I knew I only had a few dollars, which helped me be selective. I ended up with a denim dress, a black long sleeve tee, a purple graphic tee, and a GapKids cardigan. I'm happy I went and even happier I stayed focused, for the most part. I had promised the kids they could play with the toys when I was done, which was right next to dishes. I've been searching for a plate or tray to corral some items on my dresser so when I spied this, I spent 1.99 more than I'd planned. 

We divided the rest of today and tomorrow's money between gas and Simply Orange (to go with our waffles tonight.) That was the plan at least. I remembered the smaller container being 2.99, but was mistaken. It was 3.97 at the first store Brian biked to, and 4.23 at the second. You just never know what'll be behind door number two, but it tasted so good and the guy who biked across town to get it is pretty great too. 

Total spent: 6.37 - Goodwill
                 12.04 - gas
                 4.23 - Simply Orange
Fun money total: -9.68

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