Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Day 3: The Mill

Here's what's been going on. We discovered that the trampoline net and pad we purchased are the wrong size for our hand-me-down trampoline. This was the kids' birthday present, and we were outside the time-frame to return the net, but within it for the pad. I called to plead my case concerning the net and Amazon graciously agreed to refund us. I suggested we could do an exchange on the pad if they sold the larger size. They do, but won't sell it to me with free shipping, so I opted to return it. To off-set return shipping costs, I sold a plant stand we don't need on Craigslist for 15.00. I'll tithe on that, not because I think God's anal, but because I want Him to know that I'm just that grateful. So the return shipping on the pad is 18.00 and that'll take it down to 4.50. Then there's the net, which goes UPS and I'll find out how much that is when I drop it off. I have a few more odd things I'll try to sell so we don't have to absorb this unexpected expense. 

This is all annoying to me. Mostly because it will take Brian's time to disassemble and repackage in hot weather, which seems to be here to stay, when he'd rather be doing the weed-eating, etc. I need to go through the purchasing process again and the kids' wait before he can spend more time assembling the one that fits. This kind of inefficiency in life can really get to me, but right now, I think it's just adding to turmoil I'm already feeling. I've longed for this month of deliberate slowing, but my sweet mother fell and broke both wrists Sunday night. She needs help around the clock and I'm trying to figure out if this can jive with slowing. : )

My little buddy has had a fever all day, 103 when we took it, and I thought date night tonight was in jeopardy. But my sweet in-laws were undaunted and let the kids hang out with them anyway. I decided to make the most of it and put on a sundress. Brian got the hint and wore a favorite (of mine) t-shirt and cologne. With our late start, I was shaking hungry. We got burritos with the free chips and salsa at Taco Inn, totaling 3.59. We walked a block to the Mill, where I could cool off with a granita, thanks to a gift card I've been saving. To our surprise, it was Tuesdays with Writers, which we didn't know existed. We walked into a room full of lovely people who each got up and read something they'd written. At first I didn't think I could get into it as I'm not the most audio kid in the class, but they were good. I love the color of Midwest writing and experiencing it with Brian who loves writing as much as I do, was gorgeous. I felt like God had written a prescription for my tired soul and it touched more deeply than I had hoped. 

Total spent: 3.59 - Taco Inn
                  9.12 - fresh fruit
Fun money total: 11.74

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