Monday, July 30, 2012

Day 30: Almost There

This morning we made our final No Spend bread run and were headed home for a play date. My kids asked why the mom was staying and I told them, "Because we are friends too and talking is like a play date to us. So we can have a play date while you guys have a play date!" From the back seat Chandler said, "A talking date." Yes, babe. That's exactly what Mommy needs sometimes. : )

The rest of the day was spent at home, enjoying lovely company and spending nothing, which was great because Brian's car needed gas. People ask what I'll do on the first and I confess, I have a list of things to buy in the new month. But I don't see myself racing to the store first thing. When we need something else, something urgent, I'll pick these items up too. I would hate to waste gas which I finally realize goes quickly. In the list below, you may notice a theme: quick, easy-to-grab food. And sweets. Early last week, I found and ate an ancient chocolate bar to satisfy my cravings and hadn't had dessert since. This would've been healthy if I hadn't made up for it at my in-laws' on Saturday. In one day, I had a handful of peanut M&Ms, a star bar, and two brownies. Have mercy. But back to the list:

  • almonds
  • brown sugar
  • pretzels
  • fruit snacks
  • chocolate chips
  • fruit leather
  • Nutella 
  • baking soda
  • Puffs 

Total spent: 5.55 - Bread
                  6.25 - gas
Fun money total: 0.00

About this blogging thing, I like doing it and wondered if there are things you're interested in hearing more about. I've grazed over several parts of our life during this No Spend month, so if anything made you curious, would you let me know? Thanks so much for helping me not bore you. When this project is complete, I hope to do one or two posts a week, so come on back!


  1. i enjoyed hearing how you made different things-the laundry soap, etc. and cheaper ways to do different things. I enjoyed reading your blog this month!

  2. Great! Thanks for the input and so glad you enjoyed - I sure have!

  3. Hi Kendra! I have kept up on your no spend month and thought it was something I would like to take on - to make me more efficient and aware of our spending. Then I thought... How lucky are we??? We can DECIDE to do a no spend month because it sounds challenging, it's something to blog about, or it breaks up our day to day living. Some people don't have a choice. They are doing it to survive. This made me feel so appreciative and thankful for the life I am blessed to live - that we can afford to live on one income so I can stay home with our kids, that we can take our kids to the doctor whenever we need to and not worry about the cost, that my kids get to live in a cozy house in a safe neighborhood with enough food. I think a no spend month is in our future and I was thinking we would donate our savings to our local food bank in appreciation for what we have and recognition that others are not so fortunate. What an eye opener!
    ~ Sara

  4. So true Sara! It's remarkable how much we have and how many heartaches we are spared by having enough to offer our kids. Thanks for the reminder!