Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Day 4: Funnel Cakes

We drove to Seward today to celebrate the 4th and did free stuff. Our kiddos got their faces painted, which we got in line for before finding out it was not free. Designs ranged from $3-6.00, so we compromised with $3.00 designs. Chill, self. Chill.

The main attraction for me at a fair-style event is funnel cakes. I'm not into deep-fried food, but I tell myself I can get away with it once a year. I joked about using some of my birthday money to get one and on our way, Brian told me that he'd found a recipe online to make one at home. So I breezed past the funnel cake stand and didn't even check the price. Who knew listening to sizzling funnel cakes could help me feel so loved? The smile on his face was my best memory from today and I think funnel cake making may become an Independence Day tradition. And we never would've tried this without a No Spend month, pushing at the edges of us. 

Total spent: 6.00 - face painting
                 1.60 - facial tissue (2 boxes)
Fun money total: 14.14 

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