Friday, July 6, 2012

Day 6: Banana Goodness

We got eggs and bananas today, totaling 3.92. Whew! Everything would be back on track except the prepaid return slip for our trampoline net cost 35.08 and the pad's shipping will cost 25.00. My 13.50 isn't looking as good now, so I'll see what I can post on Craigslist Sunday. For now, I'm glad it's almost Sabbath. (We observe from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday even though we're Christians.) Our family starts by eating waffles in candlelight. Weird? Why? I guess it tells my heart that it's here. Time to stop the madness and rest. Do our kids always get the memo? No. Tonight they were wired and loud, but we still snuggled wiggly children on the couch, sang in the dark and told them to use their inside voices. It's magical, sometimes.

But back to the budget! We were given some pretty ripe bananas today and made the Banana Pear Sauce* we love on waffles. Now that the kids are in bed, I'll bake banana bread with the rest, which always makes our house smell amazing. I feel blessed. Hope you do too. 

Total spent: 3.92 - groceries
Fun money total: 4.27

*Blend one (strained) can of pears and 2-3 bananas until smooth. Our favorite way is to pour it over waffles or pancakes that have been spread with peanut butter. 

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