Sunday, July 8, 2012

Day 7 & 8: Birthday Party

Yesterday's Totals

Total spent: 0.00
Fun money total: 14.27

Today the kids got to celebrate their cousin's birthday and the plan was to bring a gift. A nice one preferably, that would bring her hours of delight. I figured we'd get the most for our money if we got something 40% off and remembered a jewelry making kit at Michael's. That would be right up this little girl's alley so we headed there, making sure GeoCoupons (on my phone) had a Michael's coupon. The kids had fun choosing which jewelry making kit to buy her and it was originally priced 12.99, so our total was 8.34. We were buying the gift on the way to the party, so I brought along tissue paper and two gift bags (one larger and one smaller) just in case I was remembering the size of the package wrong. I love how easy it is to recycle gift bags and papers, so I save any that are in good shape. When I organize them by size, I can quickly see if I have an appropriate bag. The one we used today happened to be a princess bag, which sweet cousin spotted before we even got out of the van. That thrilled me because being green should never mean people feel less special. 

We used some fun money to keep our gas tank half-full. I returned the two tops that I'd bought for Cadence because when I looked through her items for fall and winter, I wasn't sure they added that much. I also posted two items on Craig's list. 

Here we go, into our second week. It  seems like we've been doing this longer than that, so maybe we are managing to slow down!

Total spent: 8.34 - birthday present
                 10.00 - gasoline
Fun money total: 5.93

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