Thursday, July 5, 2012

Day 5:Good Deal Dilemmas

Well things are getting interesting. Today I was ambushed by some ferocious good deals. I mean nasty good, but not cheap enough to be no-brainers. When I woke, I thought it would be a simple day, buying Silk and milk and staying under-budget. Here's what actually happened: 

Dilemma 1: I opened my email to see Shutterfly offering me 101 free photo prints to remember my fourth of July. On what planet do people take 101 print-worthy photos of a single holiday? If I were up to date on my photo ordering, I could've clicked the little trash can so easily.  But I'm not. I did have 82 photos I wanted printed. That's not what you'd expect from a minimalist, but I have an aversion to digital photography that's hidden away and rarely enjoyed. I know there are nifty digital frames, but I'm in love with photos, real ones with vibrant colors and sharp detail. Screen resolution, un-color-corrected doesn't come close. So I have albums of regular photos and scrapbooks of the very best. Super-cool modern scrapbooks, of course. My kids love to look at these, which makes me hopeful my love's coming through. 

So I want photos and Shutterfly's gonna give them to me, but here's the kicker. Today only. Not only did I have a few things to do besides photo-editing, that meant I'd pay for shipping and the few prints that were not the qualifying 4x6 size. I figured I'd save 13.00 by ordering the 4x6s now. If I saved my larger photos for another time and shipment, I'd pay 6.00 more, just after the No Spend month ends. I decided to order all of it and dip into fun money. My total was 19.21. 

Dilemma 2: When I have enough summer clothes for the kids, I look for fall/winter things second hand (mainly at the Goodwill .99 sale). Recently, I've had more success than ever shopping for Chandler. It's July and the only thing he needs is jeans. I knew I wouldn't find them second hand easily, and when i do, their knees are half-worn out. Last year, I ended up buying them new at Target. He still fit into 5T then, but now we are officially across the aisle in bigger boys, where jeans cost twice as much. So when I heard Gymboree was having their 6.99 (or less) sale, I went and scored. Brand-new jeans with brand new knees! I got these with some of my birthday money, which was 25.00. I also got two shirts for Cadence, but I need to go through what she has already and decide if they are needed/worth it. 

It was hairy, but we made it! 

Total spent: 19.21 - Shutterfly
                 6.74 - Silk and Milk
Fun money total: -1.81 (basically we start tomorrow with 8.19 to spend) 

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  1. Good job!

    I use snapfish and there are deals all the time on prints. I figure that I can update all my photo projects once I finish my master's degree and have time to do stuff like that again.

    I hear you on the clothes! Since the kids attend private school, they have to wear uniforms. It will totally blow my budget once we get there. So I'm just planning on August being a hideous month.