Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Birthday's Eve

People are so incredible. I think they deserve, at the very least, two days of celebration. That's how people I love came to own the day they were born and the day preceding it. I call it their Birthday's Eve. Today happens to be such a day. Tomorrow Brian will be thirty-seven and I wanted to show how glad I am he was born by saying something phenomenal about him. This immediately overwhelmed me, much like naming my blog, so I came up with plan B, which you will find below. 


I'm not as laid back as Brian, so I've nominated myself quality control in our relationship, life, parenting, you name it. When he thinks things are going along just fine, I'm waiting in the wings with vital information, like which ball we've been dropping lately. And our connection's at the top of my monitoring priorities. My family history's chuck-full of divorces and we've watched too many parents divorce when their kids left home. So I watch like a hawk, determined to know Brian when the flurry of child-rearing clears. When he feels far away for an extended amount of time, a red light starts flashing, "Mediocre! Mediocre!" I'll have none of that. 

Thankfully, Brian won't either and we both put effort into making it more. So today, I'm taking a break from my duties and celebrating what we get right. Each of these statements could be started with the words, "I'm so glad..."

You make efforts at every turn be here for our family.

You enjoy our kids and love taking them off my hands.

You crack me up.

You do projects that mean a lot to me and end up liking the result too.

You are so handsome.

You trust me, not second guessing my motives or telling me I'm full of it when I'm honest about how I feel.

You're almost never critical of me or anyone else.

You root for me. 

You care deeply about the kids, parents and teachers you work with.

You care if I flourish and help me get back there when I keel over.

You put yourself in God's presence and by osmosis or friendship, you're changing.

And you cook. Without you, we'd eat popcorn every day.

Love you, babe. Happy Birthday's Eve!

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