Friday, October 19, 2012

Chandler's Bedroom

When Chandler first saw his room, which had very little besides the quilt, he said, "Mom, I love the colors!" He notices when I rearrange, switch out pillows, or change decor anywhere in the house and I love seeing my little guy enjoy it. Since he liked the colors so much, I painted his headboard and bookcase navy and his night table and name red. 

I settled on a boat or seaside theme because he didn't care when I'd ask him and he'd gotten into ships at Vacation Bible School. Little did I know, it would be the jackpot of all themes at thrift stores. Apparently everyone tried nautical and was over it because the lighthouses, boat shelf, oar shelf and the miniature boat were all second-hand. 
When I cleaned up to take these photos, I realized how far we've come with minimalism - at least in the toy department. Chandler's stuffed animals fit into that little green box (with a monkey and panda peeking out) and all the toys we store in his room are in the organizer (above) except what's in the kitchenette. We've slimmed out books too, since we read library books a lot. This is because of me. I don't like to read books twice (except my favorites.) I love the adventure of not knowing what's going to happen. 


  1. I know Brian and may have met you a long time ago. Saw his post on facebook. Thanks for sharing photos of your home!

  2. Hi! My daughter goes to CVA, plus I went to Union with Brian. I started reading your blog after a post he had on FB last week. I love it! I really enjoy the simplicity and flow of your writing style, your philosophy on life and the delightful peek into your home and life. I'm completely intrigued by the minimalist concept. We have a small home and three kiddos and are busting out of the seems in every room! Literally. How did you go about starting this, what inspired it, and how did your children react to the paring down of toys?

  3. Thanks Holly - I've been wanting to write about minimalism for a while and based on your comment, my next post will be about it! :)