Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Kids' bath

The next few days will show you our upstairs that was an empty attic when we arrived. Now it has two bedrooms and this bath that Chandler and Cadence share. The door you see opens to a closet that barely holds my sewing machine (in table) and some craft supplies. 

I found the elephant silhouettes online and drew them on large paper, cut them out and taped the paper to the wall as a stencil. If I do it again, I'll draw on clear contact paper so it adheres to the wall because I had trouble with paint seeping behind the paper. Drawing directly on the wall and free-hand painting is probably the simplest way.

Thanks to the clip on the hand towel, it isn't on the floor as often. Thank you, Pinterest. I tidied for this photo, but typically there are bits of toilet paper and toys on the floor, toothbrushes and paste strewn about, as well as a pink step stool. I should have started this tour with a disclaimer: I shuffled messes from room to room before taking photos because I wanted you to be able to SEE the decorating. This isn't the normal state of our home. 

All the containers you see (the basket atop the toilet, toothbrush holder and cotton ball jar) I found at Goodwill. I like useful things to be my decor because I don't like knickknacks, but that requires containers which can be expensive. So I hunted through Goodwill stores with a list on my phone, including measurements if that was important. I'm reusing and love knowing a new one won't be produced because of me. One word of warning: Goodwill stores sometimes over-price things, so if you don't pay attention, you can pay as much there as you would new. Also know that if something sits around a while, it's color of tag will come up as a half-price color. On my way into the store, I usually ask someone what color is half-price in the housewares. And it's not just containers. Vases, all my teapots in the living room, art and large frames are Goodwill finds. Happy hunting!

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  1. That's cool,I bet the kids like the decor,AND having their own bathroom :p