Friday, October 12, 2012


I still feel giddy about this kitchen. The house had these original uppers which we painted and fitted  with glass. The "newer" lowers leave something to be desired, but for now, we had doors made to match the originals. This room is where minimalism paid off. We lost our only bank of drawers when we added a dishwasher, so all the things I'm used to storing in drawers had to be rethought, from lids to silverware. I felt cramped. Then the grand day came when I tackled minimizing in my kitchen. I removed dishes and tools I didn't use and found that even my cookie sheet cabinet was suddenly big enough. No more cramming or pulling everything out to make something fit. I was sold. 

I fell hard for my first kitchen's white cupboards, so when we renovated this house it was easy to pick the color.  It helps me - having a happy place to cook since I hate the task. It's my lamentable missing piece, but Brian has risen to the occasion with a lot of grace. I do pinch hit from time to time, but mostly stick to baking, which I enjoy. You can see the cute photos of the family I strategically placed beside the stove...just in case my motivation to nourish them falters. 

This is my blogging station, among other things. From this photo you can probably tell my kitchen is not really big enough for an island. We can barely open the dishwasher all the way and when company come there's some serious squeezing if you want to pass someone in the kitchen. But, I like the added surface, so for now, this is how it is, much to Brian's chagrin. 

If you'd like to make my little fruit holder, get two cake pans (one slightly smaller than the other) and glue them to a candle holder. My love for being green and thriftiness go hand-in-hand when I repurpose objects like these baby food jars for office supplies. A short vase holds different sizes of envelopes.

While this post is not about renovating, I can't help but give props to Brian for giving me my subway tile back splash. While he was a teacher and had summers off, he worked for a tile setter. We didn't realize those skills would be so helpful someday.

Now you can see the photos a little better...who wouldn't want to cook for such sweeties?! 

Muffins? Cornbread...anyone?


  1. That drop leaf table is pretty amazing. And I am always a sucker for white subway tile. Nice reno.

  2. Thanks! It is super special because Brian and his dad refinished it together - got into the project and discovered together what a task that is! It's been sitting in our laundry room without a place of honor until now. I think he'd be okay with it if it were 6 inches narrower, but I do love it! happy sabbath! :)