Sunday, October 14, 2012

Main Bath

This is our master bathroom as well as the guest bathroom. It's not huge, but plenty big for Brian and I. I thank my lucky stars that guests share with us and not the kids, who are  constantly besmearing theirs with pink toothpaste. The radiant heater under the towels warms them and the crystal hardware now has a place of honor (it had been on a cupboard in the basement.)


One of the house's winning features was the tub. I like it better than a claw foot for its simple curves. Our toilet holds current reading material and the framed print on the top right is one my aunt sent me from France when I was a girl. It's a rainy Paris street with shoppers. I've always enjoyed it, but now I get to see it over and over every day. Keep floating frames in mind when you have an odd sized piece of art. They can be cheaper than having it custom matted and framed. 

We hope to put in tile floors one day. In the meantime, I'd like to figure out how to treat the window glass so it's frosty and forgo the curtain. (A little after this post, we did just that. Check out the how-to over here.) It ended up looking like this...


  1. I know they sell a few different frost window films/cling at home depot and maybe at lowe's or menards. There is also a spray form of frost(like a spray paint) or i've seen contact paper used, but i don't know how well the spray or contact paper would work.

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    1. My keyboard was acting up and spelling off with missed digits,LOL! What I said was that I really like your bathroom,I showed it to her,and my Wife does too,thanks for some good isears :)

  3. Thanks for the tip Stacie! I'll look into the film. :) Thanks Stephen and good luck with your keyboard. ;)