Monday, October 15, 2012

Master Bedroom

The word I wanted this room to bring to mind was 'zen,' a haven from the joyful chaos that fills our house right up to bedtime. Because my peace is precious to me, I instituted a rule that the kids couldn't play in our room if one of us isn't there. This keeps toys from being strewn into it when I'm unaware. If they play while I'm there, I can tell them to take their toys with them on their way out. It really got under my skin to find a mess in my room. While I knew we wouldn't be the parents that didn't let kids in their room at all, this version has been the blissful medium. It's a small thing, but I feel there's something saved for me and Lord knows, we parents don't feel that way often. Maybe that's why it's so special.

Speaking of special, the leaning door and the framed book pages (above the bed) are sentimental. The house where we shared our first kiss was eventually torn down, but this door was salvaged. Brian wanted to keep a reminder of our first kiss forever. The pages are from the first book I lent Brian when we were new friends. It's an epic love story, called The Rosary, one of our all-time favorites. 

I also wanted our room to feel tailored and masculine, which begs the question, why pale pink? And the only answer I have for that is: It's my favorite color. Unlike the rest of the world, I think pink is the happiest color, not yellow, and I've ended up with a bit of it in most rooms. Other than the pink though, I used suiting-like material on the headboard, simple grey curtains and bed skirt and the throw pillows are as manly as throw pillows can get (see above). The metal bowl and basket hold Brian's papers, keys, etc. The rose bowl was my first pink find and the place I corral my earrings which I remember to take out only after I lay down at night. 

I love the textures in this room. I wanted a bold print for the stool at the end of the bed, but that's hard to come by reasonably in Lincoln, so I decided to go with an amazing texture instead. I used a diamond pattern baby blanket material that begs you to touch it every time you pass by. The hemp book on Brian's night table, the rope pillow and velvet curtains add fun to the space. The way the metals mix was unexpected and delightful. Who knew you could mix brassy brass with chrome? P.S. If you didn't believe me when I said you should hang art six inches above a table-top, just look at my pink watercolor -- too high. : )


  1. Your home is beautiful, Kendra!

  2. I want your house! It is absolutely gorgeous... I think you have really found just the perfect balance, where it's personal and well-decorated without being overdone. Beautiful!

  3. Your house looks like a house out of a magazine! I'm jealous.