Tuesday, October 23, 2012

School and Guest room

This room allows our guests to get away from the crazy that is us. There's a bathroom opening off of it which won't be featured yet as it needs time to put itself together. Same with the laundry area. The desk, which is actually a kitchen cart from Goodwill, is a handy place to check email. I spray painted the frames (left) and added string so we could display Brian's Brazil photos (so pretty) in a quirky way. 

I also try to grow my kids brains in here because brains are muscles that get stronger when challenged. Did you know IQ isn't static? From age five to eighteen, IQ scores can change fifteen points, which blows the "not the sharpest tool in the shed" diagnosis out of the water. So when I teach something new or hard, I tell the kids, "This one's fun because it's so tricky!" I want them to be braver than I've been when facing challenges, so we're starting here. The gadget we put our markers and crayons in is from Pampered Chef and spins. The grey felt basket next to it holds their white board markers and some baby erasers. Brian found the desk chairs along the road and the desk is an old tabletop attached to drawers. I'm excited about the map giving them an idea of their place within the world. When people we know take trips, we use a sticky flag to mark where they are. 

I made all the pillows in this room and wanted to mention adding buttons. I had some favorite antique buttons that deserved a place of honor, so I added them to them to two pillows in this room. Just sew them on (before you fill the pillow) to add interest more easily than ruffles, embroidery, etc. I do think this room needs a wordy pillow, with a welcoming message for guests. Any ideas? 


  1. Pillow talk:
    How about "...much study is a weariness of the flesh." Ecclesiastes 12:12?

    Or Daniel 7:10 "...and the books were opened."?

  2. I was thinking something more for the guests - but more creative than just "welcome"

  3. Ha ha, my first thought was "welcome." :) For something lengthier: Take your shoes off and stay a while. For something shorter: Get comfy. Or maybe a little positive imagery like Peace or Joy.

    But the real reason I was going to comment was to say how much I love your home. So beautiful and bright and simple and welcoming. Great work on all of it!

  4. Mmm...I like the idea of peace and joy pillows all year long (so typical at Christmas time). There's certainly nothing wrong with welcome - I just feel like, if I get to custom make something, I should do something I can't find anywhere else. :)And thank you...I love the glimpses I get on your blog of your home too!