Thursday, October 4, 2012

When You Don't Want to Spend...

...sometimes you can still have a little something new around your house. I burned down to the end of an amazing candle in a simple cylinder glass vase. It had the brand etched on it, so I was going to recycle or donate it until I got the idea to cover it with yarn and put my Thankful Tree twigs in it. (These are just naked sticks I got from my yard. We hang paper leaves on them the week before Thanksgiving, jotting down what we appreciate.) I got partway through the project and thought I should start snapping photos for you, so there aren't photos to demonstrate the beginning. Hopefully you can still follow! This would make lovely candle holders as well, if you aren't into twig bouquets. 

1    Supplies you can use: As many yarn colors as you like, double sided tape, hot-glue, 
      scissors, and the glass vase, of course.

2     Begin by lining the exterior of the vase with double sided tape. It makes a clean edge to 
        wrap your yarn on if you are meticulous like me. I did a single layer of yarn, from the top 
       down, adding the tape a row at a time, where I was about to wrap yarn next. 

3-4  Once I got to the bottom, I began my second layer wrapping up, where I wanted to 
        incorporate some stripes. This layer nested nicely into the first, so I only used the tape 
        where I switched colors. I cut a small square of tape and pressed color 1's end down 
        and then color 2's end. I know you can hardly see it, but if you look closely, the square of 
        tape is in both pictures! Use a sticker (see photo 6) to line up all your color switches 
        because they end up looking pretty jaggedy (photo 7).

5      Here, I'm attempting to wrap my second stripe an equal distance from the first. When I got
        to the end, I hot-glued the end of the yarn down and also a loose piece at the bottom. 

And wah-lah! Won't it be pretty with little grateful leaves hanging everywhere?

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  1. That turned out nice! Very neat (as in cool) :)