Monday, November 26, 2012

Easier Holidays

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A smaller tree has been on my mind, thanks to minimalism and pictures like these, found on Pinterest. We've always put our tree on the "study" side of the living room, but my dream of snuggling on the couch and gazing at the tree lights couldn't be realized. I thought a small tree might squeeze into the main area. Brian wasn't opposed and along the way, we found other perks. It was cheaper ($15 for a Frasier at Menards), didn't need to be tied on top of the van because it fit inside, and it's quicker to decorate/needs fewer decorations.

If you don't have a nifty basket like the trees above - or any idea how that would actually work, you might be interested in what we did. I got a smallish metal tree stand for 3.99 at Goodwill because ours was a huge plastic one, which I'm tired of storing. It fits atop one of our storage totes, but you'll need one with a pretty flat lid. 

To cover up all that ugliness, you'll need more than your typical tree skirt. I found some white faux fir at Hancock. They had a yard and 8 inches left on the bolt, which was 40% off. They gave me the 8 inches free, so it totaled 12.83. I cut the corners off and tried to make it irregular like a skin and then cut a slit in the back (like a tree skirt) to slide around the trunk. A safety pin keeps it in place. It probably took five minutes. It sheds some, but all in all, I'm happy. 

Coming soon: the rest of the tree : ) 

Hope you're feeling know, liking the Christmas music and feeling festive. Some years that's harder than others. I think a little scrooge lurks inside me, but this year will not be his year. If you're teetering on the edge, here's what I do. Stand so close to Christmas lights that they start to blur, bury your nose in crinkled wrapping paper and inhale deeply. Or, and this is possibly more effective, slash every event on your calendar that isn't necessary, because holidays don't have to be hard. When you're already tired from normal life and holidays add more, it's no wonder we don't welcome them with open arms. Put your feet up. Take a holiday during the holidays. I plan to. 

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