Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Little Tree Love

Here's our living room with our spazzy little tree and stockings. I didn't want our traditional ornaments, didn't want to buy new ones, but also didn't want to spend years making homemade ornaments. The beauty of a little tree is, it doesn't require as many and my criteria for make-able ornaments was this: fast and easy. Just in case you're crushing on one of them, I'll tell you how I made them. Except the star in photo three...sorry, it's from Ikea. The homemade part is the paper chain behind it. 

1 The little wooden angels were in my ornaments because I thought I could do something cute with them. I thought that for three Christmas seasons. That's the other thing about minimalism. When I contemplate keeping or passing on a "project" item, I think realistically about whether I have a good idea for it, whether I want the product bad enough to put in the time or additional money necessary, and if I'll love having it once it's made. The byproduct of this thoughtfulness is I get serious about finishing anything I kept. Like these angels. Anyway, I sewed thread through the button holes so they look sewn on, and then hot glued them to the angel. Skip the thread to make it even easier.

2 These crazy pom-poms are sold at Hobby Lobby. I found the hardest part was threading a needle with yarn! I was flustered right at the get-go. Internet to the rescue, I found out you cut a strip of paper a little skinnier than the eye of your large needle and fold it long-wise over the end of your yarn. Stick the folded paper through the eye of your needle and wah-lah! Your yarn is in. P.S. Pom poms aren't readily found in the colors I'd hoped for. If there's a unique color you're trying to add to your tree, you're more likely to find it in yarn and then use white pom poms.

3 The paper chains are made from scrap paper cut about an inch by seven inches. I was using scraps up and didn't have very much of the grey pattern, so I did five cream - one grey. If you're buying paper, you could do this to keep it cheap. Heavier paper's harder to keep together, but you can staple it. Bonus: even little kids can help with these, handing you the next color you need, counting out loud to make the pattern, etc.

4 I'd also saved some wooden letters during my first clean sweep. I traced the letters on scrap paper and used my homemade modge-podge to attach it. I used a hand staple gun that rarely gets the staple flush and put staples at the top of the letters, hooking my ornament hooks through the staple. I'm sure there's a better way, but I was stumped, since it falls forward if you hang from the back of the letter. 

Happy tree-trimming or pie-eating or person-snuggling. 


  1. Love your posts, but rarely comment because it's a pain to comment from my phone, but I'm on a real computer at the moment, so here I am! Anyway, your tree is so cute and I am crazy about homemade ornaments, it's so fun, but you are right, time is a factor. I can't wait til my kiddos are old enough to do crafty stuff with. I'm all inspired to do a post on our tree now. Oh, one more thing, I really like the logs in the fireplace. Also, how the heck to you keep white furniture clean. I have always wanted white furniture but with 2 cats, 2 kids, and a husband it's just not realistic for me.

  2. Ha! First of all, it's not clean. Pictures are merciful. The thing that helps me be laid back with light furniture is it's all slipcovers (except the couch) so I can wash them/spot treat them etc. BUT that doesn't happen the moment they get a spot, so if that would bug you, don't do white. :) Thanks for writing - that's so encouraging. I love writing them but it's nice to know people on the other end enjoy it!

  3. Pretty and simple holiday decor!

  4. I <3 your holiday living room! Lovely job :)