Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thanks #11

This summer Brian and I determined to go to bed earlier. Like all bad goals, it was nebulous, but we'd thrown 10:30 around. Then he took his masters classes and I started a blog, ambitiously tracking our No Spend month daily. Our bedtimes got worse. So much for intentional living. 

I back-burnered that goal until recently, when I started staying up alarmingly late. I figured out I could be alone and uninterrupted for two hours if I stayed up after Brian goes to bed. I was enjoying this pocket of solitude so much I wasn't interested in reform, until yesterday. I woke up because my own body was nudging me awake. Like, "I'm done with this! Let's start this day." Maybe this has happens to some of you on a regular basis, but it felt downright foreign to me. Foreign and so good, I wanted to repeat it. 

I wondered, at God, if it was because I went to bed at 11:30. So weird that he actually knows, but for some reason doesn't give me the answer. I'm guessing he wants to work through it with me, so I started with what I knew. I think I can do that bedtime every night. It's not so much earlier. This is so typical when it comes to making changes. We have to believe the other side is better, or we'll never, ever be motivated to get there. I'm just grateful for inspiration that gives me resolve. 

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