Friday, November 16, 2012

Thanks #16

Maybe it's the stark contrast to my recent scrooge-likeness, but my kids are so enthusiastic. Christmas lights that Cadence thinks shouldn't even be up yet, cause cheers on a dark drive. Speaking of, they're still wondering at the fact that dark doesn't mean they should be in bed. It's like they're getting away with something every night. These are everyday joys, so you can imagine the reaction to a wedding this weekend. 

My little sister's getting married and both kids get to be up front on the big day. This is a big deal and there was quite a discussion about what their roles would be. Whether he'd carry a Bible or rings. If she'd have flowers to drop or not. Even through my yellow shades, I can see this is sweet. Their uninhibited excitement. I watch them take their jobs so seriously and dance a jig when they do well. Their sincerity is what reaches through my guarded grumpiness and melts me. 

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