Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanks #20

This was a toss-up between pretty goblets and yummy food, but clearly, I couldn't get excited about the glasses if I didn't have something tasty to eat. 

Based on my new tracking system (new since July) we'd already overspent today. So, with a precious evening to ourselves, we cooked up some amazing pizza. Which means I hung clean clothes in the kids closets while Brian topped a pre-made crust. It may not sound appealing, but this crust is second only to our homemade (which takes so long it's reserved for special occasions like, say, Christmas) and if you brush it with olive oil and sprinkle some basil, you'd be surprised. It takes eight minutes. 

So that was our supper. I ate three pieces and wanted a fourth. Which brings me to my soapbox: please enjoy your next meal. I've been stressing so much about how and what I eat lately, that I've gotten a little crazy. Guilt is closing in on me and no matter what the options are, they aren't healthy enough, low-carb enough, yada yada. So lets break this down to the very basic, because that's all I can handle when my panic glasses are on. Food gives us energy, so get some every day. And eat your vegetables. Hopefully not dripping in creamy dressings...ah-ah-ah...I said simple, so back off, inner critique. We'll raise our standards next week. 

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