Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanks #22

Today was probably the last Thanksgiving with my original family all living in the same town. This has always been the case for us, which I know, at thirty-two is far from typical. I feel thoughtful tonight about all the years we've enjoyed this close, easy proximity and how things will be different with miles stretching long between us. This time next year, my mom will live in Oklahoma and my sister (on the right) will be in Montana. 

I'm thankful for the kind of family we have. Even though there have been hard times, there isn't an option to stop loving each other or stop supporting each other. It blows my mind when I hear of siblings not speaking for years over a crusty grudge. Not because we've had nothing to hold against each other, but because the time we shared living together trumps everything else. 

Speaking of which, I miss living with these guys. Even though I love, love the family Brian and I've created. I remember crashing around my house trying to find my keys, throwing out obvious hints about being late and needing help, but never asking. Angela gently reminded me to just ask -- she was happy to help. I remember coming home late and talking to a guy in a car outside my house (for another hour) only to come in and find my mom waiting in a chair to tell me that wasn't smart and she was so right. I remember Elly making me supper once and a Friday night when she laid her head on my shoulder while we sat around our candlelit living room. I also remember them in stitches over tales of my day and indulgently listening, regardless of what I was spouting off about. 

Those are memories I go back to when I need reassured; when our relationships feel broken or we've been too busy to keep in touch. I want to celebrate life's phases and change and I think I can since we get to take memories along. When I remember, it's like the love happens again, so in a way, I can have everyone who ever loved me with me any time. 

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  1. I am so envious of people who have relatives living in the same town. Especially brothers and sisters. My siblings and I are all split up geographically and have been all our adult lives. But with effort, we have kept up communication and probably know more about each other than those siblings who live just across town from each other.

    Like you said, it's the memories we share that keep us close. But communication is even easier now, so maybe it won't be too much of a burden having your family living elsewhere.

    I'm evidence that you can still be close.