Saturday, November 3, 2012

Thanks #3

I can be far too serious at times and the perfect anecdote is silliness. I can't dance, so I don't get my fair share of sillies out that way. I also have this mantra that says "work before play" which stomps out any fun that's about to happen because as grown-up, there's always some work to be done. So you could say, I'm silliness-impaired. Which is why it is with such  pride that I say, my house was silly-central tonight.

We had our annual Not-Scary Halloween party and ramped it up a bit by telling grown-ups they had to dress up. We ate way too much sugar and didn't care that our kids did too. We laughed while we watched kids try to eat donuts off strings without their hands. And we stayed up late. All these things would be bad ideas if we did them every day, but every once in a while, it sure feels good to let the sillies out. 

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