Sunday, November 4, 2012

Thanks #4

Today I had a project to do. The church I love (and go to) holds a dinner for women once a month and about three hundred women come. The recession's put a crimp on everything and this meal's no exception. We refuse to charge for it, so it's funded by donations and I've wished I could drop a bunch of money in the donation bowl.

When I decorated for the meal, I noticed the supplies were disorganized. If what you wanted was in there, you'd never know it because it was buried. So this summer I straightened things out. Decorators can quickly "shop" the supply closet before heading to Hobby Lobby, avoiding unnecessary purchases. Then I boxed up decorations we can't reuse for a little sidewalk sale at a later date. 

Fast forward five months. Tomorrow's the sale and I needed to set all this stuff out and price it. Three dear friends came to my aide. When people are as busy as they are, this feels like a gift. It was my cause, that I dreamed up and believed in, but they joined with me and helped it happen. They lightened my load when they didn't have to. I feel like I learned something new today: Teamwork is really special. 


  1. There are a lot of women who look forward to that night of pampering once a month. Thanks so much for your help in making it happen. The decorations always look so nice. I should have known you had a part in it!