Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thanks #7

(left: boy drumming) I was thinking of things that make life rich and how great it is to discover new music. In high-school, I got CDs for Christmas and wondered at having a personal concert by these phenomenal, talented people any time I chose. You may take that for granted, but I'm pretty simple-minded. I still think it's amazing that a soda machine can find and deliver the exact drink I'm craving. 

But then I started thinking beyond its fun-ness. Music has relaxed me and reminded me that things often resolve. It's made me angry about things I'd only felt numb toward. It's energized me and spurred me on. It's echoed my sadness, so I felt less alone. It's taken me places I wasn't strong enough to go without it. No matter how it touched me, it was God touching me, because every shard of beauty that survives around us shimmers of him. 

Music's even sweeter to me now that I remember a time when I couldn't soak it in. After delivering the babies, I got depressed. It started out post-partum but became long term and for two years, I felt dead inside when music played. Now that I'm depression-free, it's like my ears work again or maybe my heart is reopened, and I'm super thankful to have music back. 


  1. I wanted to tell you that I loved your special music you did a couple weeks ago. Not only was the song beautiful, but your voice is comforting and genuine too. I like when special music can be shared in a way that feels more worshipful than about a show. It was pure poetry.

  2. wow, I'm so happy it came across. that's what i wanted, but I was so nervous I thought it might be obvious and everyone would be distracted by feeling bad for me! ;) So glad I didn't distract from the pure beauty that is God. Thanks for telling me, too. You are so sweet to take the time!