Sunday, December 23, 2012

And Then I Got Sick

So I went from pretending to puke to feeling like I was going to puke. Most people do with this flu, but some of us just feel like we will, which takes me back to pregnancy. What made it even more like pregnancy was that yesterday, I felt okay as long as I ate a little bit, frequently. Today it feels yucky either way. There's a headache too. I'm feeling cruddy. My house is messy. Every part of it, which is hard to look at when I feel badly. It's hard to imagine having the energy to run around and clean it up. I told Brian, "It's so messy!" in a whiny, 'I feel awful, but need someone to be with me on this' way. He said, "It's okay. That's what tomorrow's for." But tomorrow's Christmas Eve and my sister's family's coming over! "It'll be okay." 

And I'm sure it will. The good news about this flu is it seems short-lived, so I've got high hopes for tomorrow. In the meantime, I'm deeply grateful for a husband who is rested enough to hear what I was really saying when I said the house was messy. It could've gone a whole different direction if he'd been stressed and thought I was wishing he'd do a little more. I mean, one can wish that their husband is a fairy god mother, but one does not often tell him this. At least not a wise one. A wise one also would probably not say, "It's so messy!" in a whiny voice, but I'll blame the sickness. And tell him, "Thanks." For getting the laundry done and keeping the kid-noise to a dull roar when I was sleeping. It'll be okay. I'll be okay. You'll be okay. We really will. 

Merry Christmas Eve's eve. 

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