Thursday, December 6, 2012

Easier Gifting for the Kids

If you've ever quickly hidden toy ads that come in your mail, or rolled your eyes because a commercial convinced your kid a toy they don't have will make them happy, you'll want to read this. I was disturbed leading up to last Christmas when my little five-year-olds already thought Christmas joy was in getting presents. All they talked about in anticipation of the holiday was what they wanted. 

Now I remember the magic of presents under the tree. I remember the delicious feeling the next morning when I realized it wasn't just a good dream - I actually had all those new, beautiful things to enjoy. And I remember feeling loved by my relatives who cared enough to make or buy something just for me. So I love presents and the place that they have in Christmas, but I wanted my kids to know that part of the joy of Christmas was relaxing and eating and playing with people you love. 

To create a Christmas experience we're proud to hand down, I've taken ideas from two brilliant women. Along the lines of gifts, this genius idea from Glennon at Momastery has worked wonderfully this year. We haven't heard the urging to get an endless list of toys for Christmas and because they aren't expecting them all, we won't have them listing off what they didn't get after opening Christmas morning. (One of mine did this last year!) When they see the ads, they still admire everything, but they say, "Maybe you can get that for me for my birthday," which puts it in the distant future and they don't seem plagued with instant gratification desperation. This thrills me. I want them to relax and enjoy - not be on a quest for what they can lobby for and get. Also, with their presents under the tree and taken care of, I think they'll be able to pour themselves into giving wholeheartedly and find the joy in that. 

Don't worry - I'll share the other idea in a couple days. 

P.S. I added a link to the caption under our Christmas photo that leads you to Harvard Homemaker's photo ideas. While some of these are lots of work, I found some easier ones in there! Happy hunting. :)

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  1. Thanks for sharing the link to Glennon's post, it's great! And your post too ;-)