Monday, December 31, 2012

Final Day of Christmas

On our final day of Christmas we were living it up in Minnesota with Great Grandma Carlson. Our special food was eating at Don Paublos, her favorite restaurant. Perfect salsa. Light chips that aren't greasy. Amazing food and they make the chips in a corner of the dining room so the kids got to watch. The lady making them gave Cadence and Chandler little balls of dough to play with while they waited for their lunch. 

I wondered how we'd feel about our "reckless" decision to travel seven hours (one way) for just one day with family. I have to say, we're really glad. The laughs we shared were precious. So was remembering how blessed we are to have roots and extended family to love. It was special knowing my great-grandparents when I was small and I love watching my kids enjoy Grandma.  So worth it.  

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