Friday, December 28, 2012

Gingerbread and Slumbering

Our second day was making gingerbread cookies and spending the night at Brian's parent's house. We asked them before they left town if we could bring the kids over one night for a "slumber party." I dreamed of enough cookies to share with neighbors and all of us sleeping by Grandma and Grandpa's tree in sleeping bags. 

Reality had a mind of its own. The gingerbread's texture wasn't good so it was a big pain to roll and cut. We only made twenty-four. The sleeping on the floor idea got scratched when Brian still didn't feel great. He needed a real bed. Then I pooped out on photos at the slumber party, but here are a couple funny ones of the kids not loving the smell of molasses. 

My favorite part was watching TV with Brian after the kids went to bed, mostly because I had Starbucks and quiet to accompany my gingerbread. It was heavenly. Since I had a gift card for the coffee, our second day was free! 

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