Sunday, December 30, 2012

I Think a Change...

...a change, would do you good. Brian doesn't like to go a whole Christmas season without visiting his Grandma in Minnesota. In fact, with the exception of the year we renovated, I don't think we've missed one. When we woke yesterday, we said again, "I sure wish we could be there," and then we said, "Maybe we could." We knew Grandma was already hostessing Brian's parents, so she'd be around. And being able to surprise them seemed like more excitement than we've seen in a while. So that's the fun thing we did on the fourth day of Christmas. We threw things into suitcases, drove seven hours, arrived after dark and sneaked up to the door, where we huddled until they answered and shouted, "Surprise!" All that fun took over and the only fun thing we ate were suckers, but that was alright. Lord knows spontaneity is not my gift, but now that we're here, I'm thinking this is just what we needed. 
Obviously, our Days of Christmas just got considerably more expensive, but I've longed to be that person who'd drop everything and drive cross-country to see someone dear. Tah-dah! As of yesterday, that little dream came true.  

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