Sunday, December 16, 2012

Keeping it Up

This morning I got a wild hair and found myself vacuuming like a fanatic. In my defense, I was caught off-guard when Brian came home with Sprite for the little tree (supposed to make it last longer if you add a little to the water) and I realized there was no water in the stand. Huh. Maybe that's why the ends are curling. And I'd been determined to keep it watered this year. Then I saw all these needles on the tree skirt, which needed shaking out...I forgot all about the break I'm taking. 

Now, I pull my hand vac out about three times a year, so it's a special occasion. I started vacuuming window sills, around the radiant heaters, my mantle. I was thinking, "Who needs a cloth? This gets the big stuff I can see from my cozy spot on the couch." Right about then, Brian asked me what I was doing. "Watering the tree?" I have a knack for turning a simple task into a serious project.

Simple Ways to Be More With Less by Courtney Carver

The remainder of the day's been more restful. You might be wondering how long this break's going to last. I'm wondering that too. I think it'll end soon because I feel like I almost want normal life again. Like when you're on vacation and you know tomorrow, you'll just want to be home, even if that means unpacking and laundry. And I have to say, my husband has been amazing - not begrudging me daily naps or hounding me to get started on the Christmas letter. I love him. Love him.

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