Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Minimalist Outfits: A Few More

This outfit starts with my Victoria's Secret Pink black leggings. You may wonder why I splurged on a name brand when all I wanted was basic black leggings. Well, I'll tell you. I test my leggings by touching my toes and asking Brian if he can see my underwear. This doesn't matter if you're wearing a shirt that comes easily past the underwear region, but this outfit and the next aren't like that. My cheap leggings (fine in the summer) kept flunking my test, so I got these. Thick also means warmer. I imagine I made up for the expense with my denim shirt that only cost .99 cents. I add my pinkish scarf and big earrings. Seeing it from the front, you'd think this cardigan would cover my behind, but you see what it does in the back? Hence, the opaque pants. 

Total pieces: 5

Snowy Day

When I want to wear my snow-boots, which are incredibly comfortable, I wear them with leggings and a sweatshirt. But in order to pretend I'm a dancer, I need over-sized pearl earrings, a sparkly infinity scarf and leg-warmers. It's way more fun. If I'm not really feelin' it, I add a top-knot, which is very ballerina in my mind. This way I'm cozy and I feel like a lady. My favorite accessory for this outfit is a coffee mug. Ahh...the coziness is complete.

Total pieces: 5

Mustard and Sparkles

I stole this idea from Pinterest. The lady's tank was more bedazzled, but I owned this one. I tight-roll my jeans to get a cropped look. The earrings are rectangular gold settings with grayish diamonds. From that description, I'm sure you're having trouble picturing them, but they tie the mustard and grey together for me. In the past, I've avoided flats all winter because my feet were always cold and being sock free was downright painful. But these have furry linings which are so delightful, they convinced me it was okay if people thought I was sneaking out in my slippers. 

Total pieces: 5

Grand total: 42 + 2 (coats - I'll show you tomorrow!)


  1. Love the mustard cardigan! and the cozy outfit. oh, just come style me :)