Sunday, January 27, 2013

Minimalist Outfits: The T-shirts

Did you wonder if I dropped off the face of the earth? I thought about it when faced with my wardrobe, the impending photo shoot and another round of the flu. But it's all behind us now and I'm ready to show you what I came up with when I packed for my life. I was aiming for seven casual outfits, so no dressy or workout clothes. I ended up with ten, but I'm still happy. Because of my low stamina for gussying up, we're starting off with my easy days' uniform: t-shirts and jeans. After each outfit, I'll tally the pieces unless they've been counted in a previous outfit. We'll find out how many items make up my casual wardrobe. 


These are my skinny jeans, so I have a larger pair to wear when these are tight. This t-shirt fits me perfectly and, as a bonus, I imagine I'm a genius when I wear it. I bought these dark brown Uggs when my kids were two, because I figured they'd hide stains best. It was painful to spend the money at the time, but they're still a dream to wear, lightweight and warm. My watch is nude-color rubber, so it goes with everything. The rubber keeps it from being too dressy for these outfits, but the face is gold and sparkly, so I wear it with dressier things too. 

Total pieces: 5 (counting the fat jeans)

Green T

These are the same jeans rolled up, which keeps them from getting wet in snow. This tee fits less perfectly, but the fact that Brian graduated in 1994 is kind of great. I know you can hardly see them, but I'm wearing stud earrings in the same green. They look like they came from one of those amazing rocks with crystals inside. I also have a large stainless steel band on my middle finger. 

Total pieces: 3 

California Girl

California's my favorite of all the places I lived before Nebraska, so I bought this t-shirt. Since you can't see it, I'll tell you it says "California" with a bear under it. All today's outfits get paired with this warm zip-hoodie and scarf if the day is warm enough to forgo a coat or if I'm cold around my house. I'm not wearing them in this photo, but I usually wear studs or tiny hoop earrings. 

Total pieces: 4

So twelve pieces in all and tomorrow, we'll get a little snazzier, I promise! 


  1. Love it! Look forward to seeing the the rest!

  2. Here at the end of summer, I'm going to try to do 10 outfits again! :)