Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Minimalist Wintry Wardrobe: Tah-dah!

Here's the line-up! Ten casual outfits for my everyday life. Photo credit goes to Trina at Beginner Beans who's an expert with the point-and-shoot. In fact she blogged about it here and also about how to use PicMonkey, here. PicMonkey's an online photo editing program I used to add the pizzazz to these. 

Forty-two pieces in all, but a girl's got to have a coat in Nebraska, and below you'll see mine. They bring my total to 44 pieces. What you don't see here is my workout clothes, a couple things I lounge in, pjs, or dressy clothes. I already got rid of half my pjs and plan to go through my workout clothes, but probably won't drag you along for that ride. 

I choose this length of coat because it's warmer and when I sit, I never have that cold strip of exposed back. I also look for a coat that zips or buttons all the way up because I like to hunch into the neck like a turtle, sealing it off with my chin. The striped coat is from Old Navy and I swear by their small sizes. Nothing's better than a coat that fits my small shoulders. My puffer was another splurge from Eddie Bauer. I wanted it three winters before I finally realized I wouldn't find it cheaply and made it my Christmas present. It's another investment I've been oober-happy with. 

My dressy clothes are in flux right now because my brown heels are dying. (Moment of silence, please.) They've been with me eight years and we've had a grand time, but they're making a suspect clickity-clack. I believe a warm grey heel will replace them. I'd also like a navy skirt, but finding one is proving difficult. So I'm back-burnering the dressy clothes until I find those pieces and see how things shake out. In the meantime, I have these two outfits that I love. I plan to have two more eventually because I prefer not to wear the same thing to church in a month. I know. I just earned my high-maintenance badge, but I'm a sucker for variety. 

I'm sure you thought you were done and don't want to bore you with details about these, except for this. I forgot my navy belt the day we took photos, so for my sake, imagine the outfit on the left with a navy belt. That is all. Thanks for going through my wardrobe with me! You make everything more fun. 


  1. So fun to see it all together! Looks like lots of mix-and-match potential. And I just love that grey dress.

  2. You're a very stylish minimalist~ love it!