Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Day 12: Raspberry and Hummus Weakness

Well. Today felt like Temptation knocked and not only did I open the door wide, I invited him in for tea. Grrr...You remember I was planning to get Chandler socks? I also got Cadence night light bulbs because we've been leaving her closet light on and that didn't seem efficient. Then I got a half gallon of milk and Silk. That totaled about 12.50, so we were barely over budget. I remembered I was out of tomatoes and wanted some celery, which reminded me I had a coupon for $1 off $5 of produce. So I bought bananas in advance (the kids like them very ripe) and still hadn't spent enough so I threw in the towel and bought myself raspberries. 

If that wasn't bad enough, I was at a friend's the other day and had some garlic hummus from Trader Joe's that was amazing. I've been weighing a couple extra pounds and feel the need for more veggies in my life, which was the motivation behind the celery purchase. But eating it with peanut butter adds so many calories, and that's what would happen without yummy chick pea spread. What tipped the scales completely was having a coupon for something free from Victoria's Secret, which is practically next door. Hummus was bought. That's about when I remembered I needed to pick up a prescription. For 7.67.

On the upside, I wrote words from a Valentines card at Target and put them in a homemade card for Brian. Tonight I got together with a couple girlfriends and instead of going out for coffee or frozen yogurt, I invited them over for brownies. In honor of Gal-entines, we topped the brownies with strawberries and cool whip. We laughed and talked over delicious, free treats. In fact, before they got there, I was driving home from my haircut and saw a shiny car in our driveway. I thought, "They're here already?" No. It was my van that Brian washed in fifty-two degree weather. It was so dirty, I could hardly see out, but even a cheap car wash is a whole day's money. I feel super loved, so I think it counts as a Valentine's gift. 

What saved us from going way into the hole, was opting out of the cut at my hair appointment. (I'm growing my hair out.) I'd set aside $100 for it and it only cost $85, so things aren't as dreary as they could be. 

Total spent: 30.39
Fun money: -3.97

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