Friday, February 15, 2013

Day 15: Trust Issues

Today we needed eggs, orange juice, peanut butter and toilet paper, so we got some. It's great to be this far into our No Spend month and have it be as simple as that. That being said, I'm probably missing something important, but for now, I think that's it. 

Sometimes, trust feels like this. So for tonight
at least, I'm done with worrying.
Here's what's gone wrong, but let me say up front, I'm not counting it as a failure - just a hiccup. On Monday I went to the bank to take out five dollars for every day there was left in the month. That way, even if I miscalculated somewhere, I wouldn't spend more than I was supposed to. It was at the end of the day and I didn't bother to count it until after the bank closed. I got twenty dollars less than I was supposed to. Four days' worth of money. "No big deal," I told myself. "I'll call in the morning and see if their drawer was off." It wasn't. So we are out the $20 and rather than try to not spend (at all) for four days, I'm going to accept that we save that much less. 

It's frustrating, in a big picture way, when you're trying to do something to save money and actually lose some in the process. Especially when I already have the animal registration that happens to cost $20 and no plan for how to pay for it. Grrr...But then there's an even bigger picture. We're saving more this month than we would've if we hadn't tried to do a No Spend at all. Even if it whittles down to just $200 towards our trip, it's still a blessing to be able to set it aside. So I'm giving my No 
Spend month back to the One who gave me the idea in 
the first place and trusting that when it all shakes out, 
our best will be enough. 

Total spent: 11.95
Fun money: -0.92

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