Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Day 19: Look at it go!

Here's how awesome we're looking right now, thanks to my Trader Joe's and Target run this morning. Trader Joe's was just because bananas were .19 instead of .57 at Target. No extravagant hummus today! 

Total spent: 28.81
Fun money: -18.91

How did this happen? Well, I loaded up on bananas...some ready now, some a bit later and some for even later. My kids prefer their bananas "spotty" and if I stay ahead of things, all is well. Since that's the only fresh food they eat daily without complaining, I really try to stay on top of it. So 3.68 on bananas. Then we went to Target and bought all that you see here:

So we are house-bound and broke until Friday. But we may not need it either. Hopefully. I will admit, it was all I could do to resist when the kids asked to go to Taco Inn today. The three of us can eat there for five dollars and I usually take them when Brian's out of town to give myself a break. However, this is a two-day trip and we are No Spending after all. I ponied up and came home for lunch only to find that my growing kids wanted to make their own sandwiches. So I got a break anyway. 

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