Saturday, February 23, 2013

Day 22: Money-Free Joy

Here we are...almost out of the hole. Just one day to positive numbers. If you've caught yourself relying on the high of a purchase or believed, even for a second, you'd have less fun if buying was out for the day, I have too. Which is why I'm impressed looking back at the last few days of literally spending nothing. So here's a bullet list (I love bullet lists) of things that brought me joy without spending a penny.

  • feeling my body balance in a yoga pose
  • experiencing new music on NoiseTrade
  • when Brian came over and said, "I just love life with you."
  • grapefruit and oat bread toast for breakfast
  • watching Chandler's excitement over forming a good "8"
  • dark chocolate
  • Red vines
  • peek-a-boo cupcakes*
  • making meals at home**
  • sunshine
  • kind words about the work we did on our house
  • reassuring my daughter with touch
  • feeling happy before I fall asleep
  • sharing old music with my sister***

*Sensing a theme here? Valentines has been hard on my self-control...Anyone have a cleanse they could recommend? 

**I'm serious. And I don't mean watching Brian make meals. I've pitched in and found it less unpleasant than I'd made it in my mind. Especially when our major grocery shop and planning provide me all I need for a meal. 

***This was something. Long ago, when we were small girls together we'd listen to a man named Roger Whittaker as we fell asleep at night. He sang from our tape player about love and moonshine and a brother more special than him and mixed, strong feelings. The colors in his voice were comforting. So were the lyrics that didn't pretend the pain away. And boy, did we need comfort. We'd recently admitted to our mom and step-dad that we'd been abused, which is why a counselor suggested music at night. Sometimes redemption comes in phases and redemption from my abuse has had many, many phases. Watching Angela listen to the songs again made me think this was one of the most beautiful phases. 

Here we are about that time  - goofing off in our grandparents' hats

Though I doubt anyone will love them like we have, here are three of the songs we listened to. 

Total spent: 0.00
Fun money: -3.91


  1. Beautiful love songs. Thanks for sharing them. I recognized The Last Farewell, but not the other two. They were nice too though!

  2. Love the list. Those really are things of true joy! No detox suggestions, but I enjoy seasons of no self-control. So yummy :)

  3. Glad to know I'm not the only one! I think I'm regrouping (diet-wise), so I should be okay ;)

  4. Love the music. But I guess I would :) I can see how soothing these songs would be as little girls drift off to sleep.