Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Day 26: Ready for a Dry Spell

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Okay - here's our new goal. If we can get through Thursday without spending anything else, we'll be able to cover our pet registration fee of 19.00. Well, we'll be .93 short, but I'd call that a total success. 

Last time we saved 495.20 towards our trip. This time, after everything shakes out (and we manage not to spend the next two days) we'll save 262.69. Why so much less? I wondered that too, but then we only saved $50 on gas this time, what with Brian putting his foot down and not biking in the freezing cold and snow. The other reason is our mortgage's escrow increased since July with a major jump in property taxes. The good news is our payment will go back down some with a refinance we're working on now. (Rates are a point lower than when we bought the house.) We'll also  skip a mortgage payment while that's all being switched over, which will go into the Disney fund. 

The biggest challenge for our little dry spell will be Chandler. The highlight of his day, every day is getting a fourth of his water bottle filled with apple juice. He's always loved this and when he's hurt or stressed, he still asks for juice. We've recently required a bottle of straight water between the concoction I just described. He's irritated about it, but I say, "Juice, water, juice, water," and he gluggs the water down. Well we ran out of juice tonight, so we're looking at two whole days of water, water, water, water. He will not be pleased. But he's in on the Disney thing and I'm going to see how far we can get. Is the dollar fifty that juice costs that important? Absolutely not. But what I'm hoping to get out of it, isn't a dollar fifty. It's a boy who knows he can do hard things. I heard a child psychologist say that kids get their self-esteem from going through things that difficult for them and coming out the other side. 

So we'll give it a go. There'll be extra understanding for the little guy going through withdrawal and doing something very hard. There'll also be encouragement and reminding that we're choosing  something even more fun, later. Something about delayed gratification. Maybe I'm off my rocker and will recant tomorrow. What kind of person tries to squeeze that many lessons out of a juice fast? I'll get back to you. :)

Total spent: 0.00
Fun money: 8.07

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