Sunday, February 3, 2013

Days 2 & 3: Glad to be Back

Typically, I don't blog on Saturdays, so I'll recap it in my Sunday post. This is mainly because we go to church on Saturdays and the whole day is different. We often eat with my husband's family and spend the afternoon relaxing at his parent's house. The whole day is a siesta from shopping, TV, and generally, secular recreation. We try to avoid things that distract us from God, since it's like a weekly date with him. And you should see me if Brian's glued to his phone on a date. Not pretty. I'm sure God reacts differently, but the point is, I miss out if I'm too attached to my rat race. 

Cadence and Grandpa in church
What I realized yesterday is Sabbath ends up being a   No-Spend day every week. We try not to shop or eat out, so I don't have to stress about spending money. There are exceptions, but usually, I don't have to ask myself, "Should we spend the money? Is this good timing? What about everything else we need to afford this month?" I don't have to go there for 24 hours and that's a good thing. That's how our month has started off feeling. I told Brian, "I feel relieved - like I can just let my breath out and stop thinking about shopping for a month. I'm not tracking deals or watching sales. I can just let it go for a while." He remembered feeling peaceful last time. I know there were lots of feelings last time, as you know if you were around for that, but overall, it was my first taste of slowing down and I'm glad to be back. 

Our first two days we didn't spend anything, which is easy because we're fresh off our major grocery shop and we're psyched. Today that changes because we're pitching in for pizza at a super bowl party. 

Total spent: 10.00
Fun money: 5.00

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  1. Sabbaths have been mostly no-spend for so long, I forget about that aspect of taking a break. I love the the aspect of fasts woven through our lives--breaks from a variety of things always brings so much perspective.