Sunday, February 10, 2013

Days 9 & 10: Baby Love

Yesterday's Totals:

Total spent: 0.00
Fun money: 17.66

Our weekend was filled with friends: friends from out of town, friends from my study group at church, friends having babies. It was a social extravaganza, but my favorite part was how happy my friend Becca seemed at her shower - glowingly happy. It's wonderful to see her in such a good place as she awaits her new baby girl. I gave her a swimsuit I fell in love with from Mini Boden a while back and earmarked for the "next person who has a girl." It's pink with a ruffle and strawberries all over it. I wrapped with my all-purpose pink polka-dot "Christmas" wrapping paper and relaxed over a lovely breakfast downtown, where they serve all sorts of deliciousness. 

This evening is the school function Brian needed to pay $5 to go to, but he told me someone had owed him money, so he used that to pay for it. Whew! That means we're still goin' strong here on day ten. And, if I get to feeling like I really need to indulge, I earned a $5 gift card to Starbucks with my Shopkick phone app. It gives you "kicks" for looking through small look-books and walking into stores. Sometimes you can earn more points by scanning specific items, so one evening, I took Cadence and Chandler on a scanning treasure hunt. If you have a smart phone, you might give it a try. It took me a month to earn my gift card, but didn't cost me anything (didn't convince me to buy extras while I was in stores). So when that especially frigid day comes and I'm sick and tired of scrimping, I will savor a free fancy coffee fix. 

Total spent: 17.47
Fun money: 5.19

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  1. It's so fun to see the little ways you're provided for this month. Things that might not get notice, suddenly become something special. And what an awesome and full weekend of friends!