Friday, March 29, 2013

Minimalism: 3 Parts Progress

To Do List Prioritizing
I know it's early - maybe too early to call, but I'm way more focused than I was before I started applying minimalism to time management. I've had some lax moments, but for the most part, I've been on it. Identifying what "it" should be at the beginning of the day has been huge. I usually make the dreadful tasks numbers one and two. That way I tackle them while I've still got some gusto. One way I've noticed how effective numbering is, is the days I don't number enough. This is bad because in the midst of the day, it's harder to prioritize. I feel panicky when I face five tasks that'll take an hour each and I've got about ninety minutes of quiet time. So hooray for numbering! Then I can autopilot 
happily all day. 

Do It With Love
The next thing I decided to pitch was tasks done without love or awareness that this was my chance to show love. This is hard to gauge, but I've felt more conscious of what I'm doing, especially  with the kids. Like today when I was walking with Cadence and she was literally clinging to me. It had been an exciting day with so many new experiences (we're visiting family in Minneapolis for Easter) and she was spent. After explaining that I like her to hold my hand, but not pull on me, I took the moment in. I even snuck a photo of it. That I'm the landing place my child seeks, is phenomenal. It takes me from a, "Why is this child hanging on me!?" to "Come here, baby girl. Land softly." 

From Grumpyville's Queen to Grateful
I also determined to use my mental time being thankful instead of critical. Saying "yes" to God and being open. You have to know, telling you that, here in our little cyber-space, cut me free. I've been reading 1000 Gifts for a while and I'd tried to begin my list of a thousand things, but everywhere I looked I saw problems. I saw flawed gifts. I saw things I wasn't 
satisfied with. Then I told you I was done critiquing. I committed and here's what's happened. 

I found myself on the road with my family, eating pizza in a Pizza Hut that looked like the ones I ate in as a child. Yes, more pizza. But I wasn't about to miss this experience either, so I let go. While we waited for our food I spotted a tiny piece of straw wrapper on the table in front of me. It caught a rainbow. I showed Chandler and we tried to find its source. I took a picture, since I see God and beauty better with a camera than my naked eye. My list was born: 

1. tiny rainbow
2. safe travels
3. going coatless

I'm excited by the start this makes to minimalism in time, but I want to end this note with a reminder to myself and anyone flirting with the idea: The goal of cutting out activity, is not to make room for more activity. It's not about becoming more efficient or productive. If we compare it to minimizing our stuff, it's not clearing out a spot where we can put purchases from our next shopping spree. We're reducing to reduce. Slash busywork that wastes energy and blesses no one. Like a kitchen tool, we need to re-evaluate activities based on how helpful they are. I dream of less rushing, less pushing, less grabbing. More resting, more peace, more giving. 

I'm not saying we'll wake up with no responsibilities or tasks that overwhelm us. I think if we're doing anything worthwhile with our lives, we'll experience those things. But I do believe we can break the rules we've mindlessly followed up to this point. Just like the checklist we've followed about what we "have to" own, there's a checklist about what we "should" do. I'm ready to take a hard look at those expectations and decide if they're right for me, for my family. I'm going to write about it here, not to decide for you what's right, but so you can watch me go through the deciding process. Since we belong to each other, I believe all of this is easier together. Especially after just telling you I was going to get thankful worked magic. Is there anything you need to commit to? Use the comment space here to take the leap. I'd love to know what new places you're about to explore!

P.S. Here's the book I referenced, and again, I get a small commission if you buy it through the link.


  1. Kendra, this was brilliant! It's the first time I've read your blog, but I'll be back.

  2. Yay! So glad you came and got something out of it. :) How'd you find the blog, if you don't mind me asking?

  3. Great post!! Time management is a struggle for everyone but most of us do nothing about it.